What Clients Say:

Executive and organizational coaching

"Bob's support in helping me prioritize a results based approach to leading our organization has been extremely helpful in my leadership as a CEO."

"Through thoughtful and focused conversations his coaching has not only been supportive but resulted in returns on our ability to work in a team-environment that that has led us to best practice in our field." 

"Working with Bob has been a very positive experience. He helped me look at things from a different perspective and focus on what was truly important. It has helped me grow in my position."

"Bob has a longstanding successful work track record and is well know for his expertise, his integrity and his ability to deal with diverse and complex situations and bring them to a successful conclusion."

"Bob has a wonderful ease of accommodation when it comes to engaging people in a meaningful conversation. Couple that with his ability to master a transformative process, his clear understanding of agenda and goal setting, and his natural ability to gravitate toward the big picture and he becomes an exemplary group leader, team organizer, and planning facilitator."

"I learned to think beyond my comfort zone and give more consideration to the political landscape that would require thoughtful maneuvering. The relationship with Bob has been rewarding and effective in achieving what I intended from the first conversation."

​"Bob is an exceptional executive coach. He listens intently, maintains focus on my professional goals and has the keen ability to help me create actionable strategies that can be practiced during the work day. The value Bob brings from his wealth of knowledge and executive experience along with his personal style cannot be obtained from a book or professional development seminar. With Bob's coaching , my intangible soft skills are becoming a tangible reality."

Third chapter coaching

"Retirement is a new beginning and you can refocus your life's direction with a coach like Bob Trefry. You deserve to focus on what will make you happy for the rest of your life."

"I found the process to be helpful as my wife and I transitioned into the "Third Chapter."  The process facilitated conversations between my wife and me that have helped us refocus our energies from career to retirement lives focused on service, family relationships and activities that will engage our bodies, hearts and minds."

"Working with Bob and following his process helped us focus on what's really important and taught us how critical it is to get started early. Also, participating as a couple we were able to collaborate on a plan that works for both of us."