PathQuest Coaching and Consulting, LLC was founded by Bob Trefry after finishing a 38 year career as a hospital executive.  Bob completed his career as President/CEO of Bridgeport Hospital and Executive Vice President of the Yale New Haven Health System. Bob is passionate about assisting emerging leaders, executives and organizations reach their potential and helping individuals nearing the end of their traditional careers map out a plan for a satisfying and fulfilling next chapter of their life.

His interest in leadership development grew out of mentoring and coaching the next generation of leaders in his organization.  Watching these very talented individuals grow and advance in their careers was thrilling and very satisfying.  As a CEO, Bob guided the organizations he managed to reach their potential and thrive in the face of growing complexity and diminishing resources. Wanting to continue this work after retirement from hospital management led him to complete the Columbia University Executive and Organizational Coaching Certification Program. As a professional coach, Bob continues to help individuals and organizations facing challenging and complex issues to reach their potential.

As a part of his coaching certification program (while in the midst of his own late career transition), Bob did extensive research on the predictors of a satisfying and fulfilling life.  He combined that research with the Columbia coaching process into an effective program to help individuals and couples nearing the end of traditional careers make plans for a fulfilling and satisfying next chapter of their lives. 

Bob is very active in his community. Among his civic activities, he chairs the United Way of Coastal Fairfield County and the the governing board of the Connecticut Technical High Schools System. He is also an ex-officio member of the Connecticut State Board of Education.

Bob has an undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech and a master's degree in healthcare administration from George Washington University. He is also a Columbia University certified executive and organizational coach. Bob is a life fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Bob Trefry