Third Chapter Coaching

Preparing for Fulfilling and Satisfying Late Career Transitions

Research tells us that one of the predictors of satisfaction, after one's primary career, is planning and preparation. We spend years planning and preparing for entry into the world of work. In contrast, many of us are so consumed by the pressures and demands of our work and personal lives that there is little time or energy left for planning and preparing for the transition from our chosen careers to the next chapter of our lives. Third chapter coaching guides clients through an efficient process of planning for the non-financial aspects of an exciting and fulfilling next chapter of your life.  It helps define what you are "going to," not just what you are "leaving behind."

​What can I expect the process to be?

Over the course of four to five sessions and homework assignments, you are guided through a process of self-reflection, discovery and planning. You will:

  • Learn about the elements that are predictive satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Identify important relationships and commitments that need consideration in your plan
  • Identify and explore your value based strengths
  • Identify experiences in the past that have brought you satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Identify the desired characteristics of your future life
  • Develop and explore options
  • Pull it all together in a plan
  • Learn a process for continual self-renewal
  • Have periodic progress consultations

How about my spouse or life partner?

If there is a spouse or a partner in your life, planning this next chapter together can be exciting and satisfying. You may learn more about each other and strengthen your relationship as you develop your joint plan for your next chapter together.