PathQuest Coaching

It has been said that life is a journey not a destination. We all have goals and aspirations. How we get there and what we do along the way defines us and makes the journey worthwhile and rewarding.

Role of the Coach

The coach is a partner along the journey. The coach provides a thought-provoking creative process to inspire individuals and organizations to reach their potential. Through a process of facilitation, using powerful questioning, honest feedback and dialogue, the coach helps the client develop the strategies and working relationships necessary to achieve the client's goals. The coach also provides a framework the client can use to tackle challenges in the future.

Executive Coaching

For some executives the issue is about developing a pathway for career development. For others, it can be about improving their executive performance to meet the challenges they are facing. Executive performance includes both the functions of the position as well as relationships necessary to achieve the improved performance. In many cases, the coach is just helping the executive think through immediate complex issues they are facing.

Organizational Coaching

The same is true for organizations. Coming together to set clear goals and mapping out a pathway for improved organizational performance is vital in today's ever changing and challenging environment. Sometimes, improved performance is not just about having a strategy and plan.  It can also be about how the team works together to accomplish their goals. Optimal team performance can be just as important as the strategy. The coach can facilitate a planning process as well as the process necessary to improve team performance.

Third Chapter Coaching

For yet other individuals and couples, the challenge can be planning for the journey after a traditional career. Some call it retirement.  I like to think of it as planning for the "Third Chapter" of a fulfilling and satisfying life.  Having a plan for that next chapter increases the likelihood of success and satisfaction. Third Chapter coaching provides a structure and process for developing that plan.